Understand Other People.

Be Understood.

DISC | Meyers Briggs | Enneagram | Strengths Finder | 5 Love Languages

Understand Other People.

Be Understood.

DISC | Meyers Briggs | Enneagram | Strengths Finder | 5 Love Languages

One Profile – All Your Insights.

All your personality assessments in one place.

We've Brought The Best Of All The Best Personality

...and behavioral assessments and given people one place where they can review, understand and share their results.

Get the best from DISC, Enneagram, Myers Briggs, Strengths Finder and 5 Love Languages.

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Enter your results from past assessments or setup your first assessment to fill out your profile. Fill in each test's insights to get a full understanding of your natural strengths, capabilities and how to connect best with others.

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Share With Others

Just copy the link under your profile image and share it with friends, family, colleagues, managers – even with your significant other. And start being seen for who you truly are!

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How To Utilize Your Profile

Know Thyself

Often the largest reason for taking on the wrong projects or being unable to express yourself has far less to do with the person you're talking to and more to do with understanding yourself.

Reviewing your key strengths, natural communication skills and personality provides confidence and assurance that you are focusing on the tasks and topics and people to help you progress on your own path.

And being able to see everything in one place helps you paint a better picture of yourself.

Hiring & Team Building

Professionally, use your profile to help hiring managers, team members, and colleagues understand how you communicate, what motivates you, and how they can best utilize your natural talents.

Hiring A-players to be on the bus is key, but finding the right seat on the bus for them is often difficult. That's why supervisors and hiring managers use this quick-tool to match team dynamics.

Quickly share your profiles across members of your team to create stronger group dynamics and propel cross-functional activities.

Coaching & Consulting

Accelerate the growth of your customers by having them create an account, upload their results and share their profiles with you so you can quickly identify their priorities, motivators, natural strengths, and opportunities for growth.

Optimize your time and boost your results, both as a Mentor and a Mentee by sharing profiles – the one place for all of your assessments and insights.

Relationships & Dating

Connect beyond simple attraction while enhancing intimacy and communication by sharing your results with significant others, long-term relationships and dates!

Toss out the traditional '20 questions' and create deeper touch-points by letting them see who you are as you discover more about them.

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